[44F] Experiencing severe abdominal, chest, and back pain with nausea

Question  What is wrong with me I can't take this pain anymore. They have run light in my stomach and did a biopsy which came back normal. CT scan and ultrasound as well as some test I had to lay under a camera while they injection me with contrast o had to lay their for 2 hours as they watched my belly and gallbladder I was hurting severely the whole 2 hours but tests all came back normal. Am I going to die before somebody tells me what's wrong

Description  A 44-year-old female has been experiencing severe pain in her stomach, chest, and back for over a month, described as contraction-like and radiating deep into the stomach. The chest pain is located between the breasts, extending to the center of the back, rated as severe, and does not change with movement or breathing. Episodes of pain are worsening, becoming more frequent and longer, accompanied by vomiting. The patient has been managing the pain with muscle relaxers and by lying on her belly. She also reports severe nausea, diarrhea since April 25, and difficulty sleeping due to the pain. The patient has a history of multiple surgeries including tonsillectomy, hysterectomy, kidney stone removal, carpal tunnel surgery, C-section, and tubal ligation. She is allergic to erythromycin and Tradjenta, and her current medications include Lyrica, oxycodone 7.5, Wellbutrin, omeprazole, glipizide, metformin, dimenhydrinate, a Humana shot, and a muscle relaxer.



2 d ago

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